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Supplementation Matters

Doctor’s Orders. Never Followed.

Your doctor tells you this all the time but you don’t listen.

Take your vitamins, omegas, minerals etc.

There are supplements lying in your cupboard or by your bedside that you never take right now, as you are reading this. This is probably because you can’t fully understand why these dreaded pills are so important. Today I’m going to run through a few reasons why you need to be taking your supplements like your life depends on it.

1) In the Beginning.

Let’s start from the top. How was human life before we had big cities and fast food places? Before we spent all our day sitting and before we left the safety of our food up to big brands with fancy marketing campaigns.

We were hunters and gathers. Nomadic. Eating a wide variety of seasonal fruits, nuts, roots, proteins. Drinking water without chemicals and eating very frequently. Moving, working all the time. This is how the human body is designed to operate. How our ancestors lived is the life our bodies crave til this very day. We have evolved so much as a people but our bodies haven’t changed.

Answer the following:

  1. Do you regularly gather leaves, roots and stems of various plants to add to your drinks and meals?
  2. Do you live somewhere you can grow your own food?
  3. Do you hunt fresh meat daily?
  4. Do you consume at least 1 pound of fresh fish everyday?
  5. Do you have fruits and vegetables in large portions at least 3 times a day?

If you are not doing these things your body is running on hope and you need to take supplements specific to your lifestyle and genetic needs.

2) You are not your Body. You have no Control.

Many times we think that our bodies are…well…us. Right?


Your body completes billions of tasks everyday without your knowledge and without your permission. It gives you vague signals when you do something it doesn’t like and you fan it off as a random occurrence. These are warning signs that all of us are guilty of ignoring.

Believe it or not there are countless communities of other living organisms working inside your body in a mutually beneficial relationship. They don’t pay you rent and they communicate with your body not you.

You may not want to face the truth, but you are a consciousness in a very complex vehicle. We experience life through this vehicle. Destroy your vehicle and how you experience life will crash and burn too.

One of the ways we can keep our vehicles happy is to provide it with the materials it needs to function properly. We eat and apply countless toxic and poisonous substances every day and our body, in its infinite wisdom expels, converts or stores these hazardous objects so that they don’t hurt or kill us (instantly).

To complete these functions your body needs protein, vitamins, minerals, good fats and trace nutrients that you don’t get in the modern diet.

3) Eating Healthy is Hard

There are so many reason why eating healthy is a no easy feat. Some of the excuses,err….reasons we use are:

  1. We don’t have the time
  2. We can’t access healthy, fresh food
  3. The convenient food is unhealthy
  4. We don’t know what are the right foods to eat
  5. Eating healthy is to expensive

While these are all good reasons, we can overcome them by doing a little extra research and managing our time better. For people in Jamaica you can go directly to the farmers! More and more of them are offering delivery service for fresh organic food, like The Mais Farm. Set aside some time on the weekend to food prep, so when you are rushing out during the week you can throw healthy meals together in a jiffy. Just keep researching and listening to your body and you will get there! Whenever you fall short see if there are supplements that can help.

4) The Body Breakdown

Your body is made up of mostly protein and water. Carbohydrates are used for fuel. But what keeps the body functioning after you have the framework and the fuel? How do you get the food you eat broken down? How do you absorb what you ate? How do you convert and take out the garbage?

The little things. That’s the answer. The minerals, vitamins and fats we get in small quantities from our diets. Unfortunately many of us don’t even get a small amount of the fruits, vegetables and fats we need. Most times none at all. The fast food we eat and all those conveniently packaged foods in the supermarket give you almost nothing in the way of nutrition. In fact, they tax our bodies and causes it to work harder for less. How would you feel if you went to work and kept putting in more effort and time only to find that your boss is paying you less and less? Awful right? Your body feels the same way.


Let me make it clear that I don’t think taking supplements will be your cure all. Supplementation is just one step in an approach to healthy living. Taking supplements, exercising, drinking lots of water and eating a healthy diet is the combination you should strive for to make sure your body is getting what it needs.


Daily recommended vitamins and supplements for men.

Daily recommended vitamins and supplements for women.

Search for just the right combination for your lifestyle.

(Disclaimer: I make a small kick back from the following supplements)

The Student Loan Horror Story

While surfing the web I found this awesome infographic about student loans through the generations. It starts harmless enough…until the end where you see how much it’s going to cost you to send your child to university. It was at that point I screamed and covered my head in fear.

I evangelize about this to every high school student I meet. Do not, under any circumstance take a student loan. Especially since the value of a degree is shrinking every second. In Jamaica there is no such thing as a high paying job for someone fresh out of university with a first degree. You are going to get the grub work and the pay that goes with it. This pay will not support you AND your student loan, so you can forget about getting a cat, a dog or even a goldfish. That car you want, no love, you will need to catch the bus. Living on your own….Hahahahahahaahahh..hahahahahaha!

The most expensive thing in the world is being broke and the fruits of a student loan are just that – being BROKE.

Checkout the infographic below-

student loan infographic

The student loan horror story.

The Most Polluted Place in Jamaica

I live in the most polluted place in Jamaica-Kingston. No.

To be more accurate – the smoke zone:

  • Riverton City
  • Washington Gardens
  • Duhaney Park
  • New Haven (where I live)
  • Cooreville Gardens
  • Patrick Gardens

For those foreign readers that might stumble upon this post, these areas are affected by the constant burning of materials at the Riverton waste disposal site (many say dump but few know that Riverton actually doesn’t meet dump standards). If you live in a smoke zone area and I didn’t mention you just leave a comment and I will amend.

Now, if I go of in rage induced patois in this post please don’t mind, this really is a rant of sorts. But I am going to try my absolute best to remain as calm as possible while writing this post. First let’s break down this rant into sections! Progress 🙂

The Government

Now if anyone watches or reads the news it is quite apparent that we are being led by buffoons. During the 2015 Riverton fiasco one statement from our dear Prime Minister left me feeling quite secure in the knowledge that we are on a plane-crash-about-to-happen in this sweet island of ours. If I can recall properly she said something along the lines of-

How can the people in charge of the dump be held responsible for the dump?

I don’t know really…but it seems to me if you are being paid to watch over and maintain the site, if it goes to hell in a great blaze of fire then it would be your responsibility. I don’t know really…watch the interview for yourself and tell me what you think:

Just for fun:

Running the country. Running it to di groun!

People were being rushed to the hospital, schools closed, businesses closed, full all out disaster. Meanwhile, the government was having a meeting ‘dealing’ with the fire. A long meeting. A really long meeting.

Everyone knows that the dump is regularly lit to generate contracts for putting it out. Hear what, ‘Servants’ of the people, here is how you stop the fires – whoever gets the money, tell them that they will no longer get paid. Make it so putting the fire out is a service to the nation- mandatory volunteerism. I guarantee the dump will never be lit on that scale again.

(By the way, mi love how di air clear up juss in time fi Obama come. Juss in time!!!)

The People who Caused the Fire

There is only one thing to say about people that put people in hospitals, disrupts schools, closes businesses and brings grief and strife to the population. They are terrorist and should be treated like one if/when they are caught.

If they were brought before me in a court of law I would draw for the history books for their punishments. Some Dark Age styles that would fit them to the T.

Dem doh ave any consideration fi odda people. Dem only tink bout weh dem ago mek and not how many people ago suffa, how many people di fire go gi cansa. Nutting! Dem is di worse set a people you coulda eva buck up pan!

My Health/Your Health

Here is an excerpt from the Jamaica Observer:

LOCAL environment watchdog Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) has called into question the accuracy and integrity of the air quality report released by the Ministry of Health (MOH) last week, in which it zeroed in on high levels of the toxic air-pollutant benzene.

The report, which came 12 days after the most recent blaze at the Riverton dump began, said there were “high levels of hazardous substances including benzene”, prolonged exposure to which can cause cancers such as leukemia.

(Full article on the Air Quality from the Jamaica Observer.)

Mi nah even goh inna how dem doh have nuh standad fi di test dem and how dem doh report everyting to di people. Is too much fi mi an mi juss caa.

In short the chemicals that were released into public space after the dump was set ablaze are highly toxic and are carcinogenic (cancer causing) agents. They also have a high propensity for staying in the human body and bio-accumulating which will eventually cause cancer. Cancer. I’ll just leave that there for you to ponder.

Outside of cancer, you also have a wide range of respiratory diseases that the smoke caused and aggravated. This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Lung infections
  • Infections of the respiratory tract
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Ear infections
  • Sinus Infections
  • Vertigo

And the list goes on and on. Personally I have been back and forth from the UWI hospital for respiratory illnesses caused by the dump and once found myself bed ridden for 2 weeks because of this bio-hazard smack dab in Kingston. As I type, my lymph nodes are swollen, telling me I’m in dire need of a detox.

I will end my rant here. There really is no way I can go on as the subject matter can be hashed out for days on end. If there is a lesson to be learned it is don’t but or rent property in these areas. You WILL suffer. Truss mi cause if you a wait fi di Govament fi solve dis problem….doh hole you breath!


Some pictures I took last year of one of the many times the dump was set ablaze:


The Riverton disaster of 2015:

Riverton fire

via the Jamaica Gleaner


Arial view of Riverton fir 2015



Get Mercury out of your Diet

Mercury is a Planet. And a Poison.

Mercury is a poison that severely damages the cells in our body. It’s absorbed into our system and has a tendency to stay if not coaxed out of our bodies with the right foods. Mercury is found on toys, appliances and other man made items. It is also found in seafood! Take hold of your diet and evict this poison from your system.

Mercury Capturing Effect of Common Foods

Here is what mercury can do-

The effect that mercury has on the human body involves harm to the neurological system. The effects are worse and more likely in infants and children who are still developing. Mercury exposure can cause problems with memory, speech, and motor skills, while significant mercury poisoning can cause severe problems with walking and muscle coordination.

Is this Entrepreneur thing Worth it?

There was a time, long ago, when a job was all you needed to live comfortably. Get the right job and you could be set for life.

Fast forward. Add inflation, taxes, globalization, devaluation, excess everything, waste, pollution and politics.

Just Over Broke

Today, a job is a dead end. Simple. Why?

Let us look at the Jamaican situation. In Jamaica the job hunt is governed by the quality of your ‘links’. Meaning – do you know anyone influential within the organisation you want to get into? If you don’t you are pretty much out of luck. But we’ll say for arguments sake that you do manage to land a job. The odds of you moving up the ladder are slim. The odds of you getting a raise is even slimmer. Meanwhile, there are more taxes and the dollar continues to climb.

Pay attention to this dollar climbing thing. This is a mover and shaker in Jamaica. It has forced many businesses to outsource labour in far away lands so that budgets will be met.

BAM! The global community-1, Jamaicans – 0

Entrepreneurs are Winners. That’s all Folks.

Enter the Entrepreneur. These people realise that a Job will only take you to the same financial standing you were at yesterday. It’s the story of the fruit picker. They pick baskets of fruit for the orchard owner and get a handful in return. They go home and eat that fruit. In the morning they are hungry again and go back to the orchard. When the market gets harder the orchard owner gives them less fruit for the same amount of work. The end. The same task, the same money or less.

Entrepreneurs will work themselves to the bone to avoid being a picker. The will sacrifice almost everything, take risks and suffer so that they will be free. Free to wake up when they want, do what they want and live the lifestyle that they dreamed about.

Would you work like a slave for 10 years to be free the rest of your life?

Is being an Entrepreneur Worth It?

 “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
– Steve Jobs

Brightly Coloured and Deadly

Colour Coded Death

When we’re growing up, we love everything brightly coloured. Blue and orange Popsicles, red Gummy Bears, orange Mac and Cheese…the works.

What we don’t know is that the chemicals used to make food our favourite colours are actually toxic. They accelerate us to death’s door and the only thing we know is that it tastes good or makes us look pretty (make up). Numerous studies have shown that removing artificial colouring from our diets makes us a whole lot healthier. So much so that the UK and other territories have banned the use of these substances in foods.

I could talk forever about this but I found a lovely infographic that tells the story better than I can. Please share it and spread the word.

Food Colouring